March 1, 2024

Snippy Webby

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How Big Should the Diamond in Her Engagement Ring Be?

While we are obsessed with buying diamond rings for engagements, we often fail to understand what the right size of the diamonds must be. Curious romantics will always think that the best diamonds are the biggest diamonds that can be bought. But it is not always the right approach. The engagement ring must be a symbol of your love and your story, and the diamond must also resemble that. There is no right or wrong when buying diamonds, and with our guide here, you can also get your right diamond.

Listen to your budget

It is very easy to be influenced by the belief that the bigger the diamonds, the better they are. But it is not always the case. Whenever you are looking for an engagement ring, checkout its central diamond, and let your budget guide you thoroughly. You do not need to go about needlessly splashing the cash. You can be honest with yourself. Set a maximum limit for yourself and do not get pressurized by society. Your budget will serve as a great benchmark for the jeweler to help you find the most suited ring. The price of the diamonds is not only affected by the carat but also by the cut, clarity and colour grading. Hence, you need to be a bit thorough with your research before you get the final one.

Consider the shape and size of her hands

While you are taking any creative decision, you need to first consider how the ring is going to look on her hands. Each hand has a unique genetic composition, and every diamond is going to look and feel different on them. If her hands and fingers are rather sleek and long, diamonds of bigger sizes are going to serve the purpose pretty well. However, if the hands are wide and short, multiple smaller diamonds will do the magic. You can also opt for a jewelry consultation before purchasing the final engagement ring.

Purchase wisely

You can source diamonds at a reasonable price too. For this, you can pick halo settings which will give you maximum sparkle within your budget. You can also pick yellow and brown diamonds to complement the rings. Any diamond with even the slightest imperfection can significantly impact the price to go down.

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