April 19, 2024

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Some of the Best Dandruff Shampoos and Other Remedies for a Healthy Scalp

Introduction –

One of the most common hair conditions or problems that people face is dandruff. In scientific terms, dandruff is also known as seborrheic dermatitis. It is a condition that mainly affects your scalp, and it is also one of the main causes of scaly patches, stubborn dandruff, inflamed skin, and so on. It also affects the oily areas of the body like the sides of the nose, face, ears, eyebrows, chest, eyelids, etc. There are several different types of treatment that can be done for it, and one of the best would be to use medicated shampoo and conditioner for the same.

Best Dandruff Shampoo

One of the best shampoos that you can use is the seborrheic dermatitis shampoo and conditioner, which are available at the link provided here. Besides using the shampoo and conditioner, you can also use other home remedies that can help you get rid of such a condition. You can also use tea tree oil for the same purpose to get rid of dandruff and keep the scalp healthy. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties, so you can use it to clear the dandruff. Besides that, it is also slightly more acidic in nature; therefore, it is recommended not to apply large quantities of tea tree oil to your head because it can affect your scalp. You can use the tea tree oil in the shampoo and apply it to your hair.

Hibiscus and Aloe Vera for Hair:

Other ways you can also apply it include mixing small portions of tea tree oil with other oils and applying it to your head. Dandruff does cause hair loss, but this is not a contagious one, and it does not cause permanent hair loss. This is one such condition that also occurs in infants and is known as cradle cap. Other ways in which you can cure dandruff and prevent hair loss are through natural home remedies. Take 4-5 hibiscus flowers and some aloe vera, then put some coconut oil in a cauldron, add the flowers and aloe vera (cut the aloe vera into pieces), and heat the oil nicely on a low flame, until the hibiscus flowers and aloe vera are completely mixed in the oil.

Keep Your Scalp Moderately Moisturized –

Then, strain the oil and apply that oil regularly on your scalp, and it will prevent the hair loss occurring from dandruff and other kinds of hair loss. Besides that, one of the main causes of dandruff is a dry scalp. So, make sure that after shampooing, you keep your scalp moisturised by using a good-reputed company’s hair cream or simply by using a little bit of oil on wet hair.

Use Wheat Beer for Hair –

Don’t use acidic substances on your scalp like lemon, orange, or others, as they can damage the skin of the scalp. The scalp is very sensitive and soft, and you should not treat it with harmful substances. For a healthy hair, you can use beer also. Like wash your hair with beer (that which you get in can which Bavaria wheat beer and not some other beer like apple or others, as it can damage your hair), after wards don’t apply shampoo, just wash with water. You will have shiny hair.